Frequently Asked Questions

We ask that you use any kind of “white” deli meat. That could include deli chicken, turkey, or turkey bologna. Please do not use any pork products – “regular” bologna has pork so please do not use that. If you are stuck without ingredients, you could always try one of the delivery partners or confirm with us that a different meat would be OK. They would have to be clearly labeled. See instructions for more specific ingredient information.

Many of the partners we serve place the sandwiches in the freezer for use over the next week or more. Condiments do not freeze nicely. A food shelf oftentimes has packets of mayo or mustard for the recipient to take or use.

Each partner chooses how many sandwiches they ideally want/need each drop off. The numbers vary because of space or demand. If you need to make a larger or smaller number of sandwiches, reach out to us to confirm – – go ahead and sign up for the date you want and indicate in the comments section the number of sandwiches you are making if it’s different from what is required. Most partners will appreciate a smaller amount or can use a slightly larger amount. 

The Sandwich Project does not have a physical space for this. We ask that you follow the instructions for cleanliness on our website and make the sandwiches in your own space and delivery during the specified hours. Simpson has an option for you to come on site to their facility to make sandwiches – contact them directly (information here) to arrange a time!

Unfortunately, most of the partners freeze their sandwiches and PB&J does not freeze as well as the meat and cheese. IF you are working with a partner and the sandwiches will be used fresh (not frozen) and they approve it, there could be periodic times where this is OK. Feel free to reach out to us at for any questions.